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Rabu, 18 Mac 2009

tag from bya yang banyak harta ngarut2...huhuhu

1Do you shower in the morning or evening?
*mandi [agi klu ada kelas...klu xde confirm arr evening!ehheheheh

2Do you use liquid or bar soap?
*Liquid coz Slesa maaa...

3Do you use shampoo and conditioner or just shampoo?
*kadang bila dtg malas pkai syampoo je ar...

4Do you brush your teeth in the shower?


5Do you shave in the shower?

*Yes...cukur janggut n misai..

6Do you sing in the shower?

*yes...umpama tngah juara lagu lg tu...hahah...

7Do you use a washcloth?


8Do you have a door or a curtain on your shower?
*door and curtain

9Have you ever taken a call in the shower?
*tak...potong stim...hahaha

10Have you ever showered in your swimsuit?
*no kot?

11Have you ever showered with a member of the same sex?
*masa kecik ade la...skang nie geli siut...

12Have you ever showered with a member of the opposite sex?
*i wondering....hahahaha...

13Do you share a bathroom with someone?

14Do you listen to the radio in the shower?
*yes...siap bawak masuk shower lg...

15Do you wear a shower cap?

16Do you wash behind your ears?


17Describe your shower in three words

*macho forever..kekeke...

18What one thing would you change about your shower?

*ntah le...

19What would make your shower time better for you?

*masa ngah hari panas...

20What celebrity would you like to shower with?
*xde pasal...

21What celebrity would you NOT like to shower with?

*ugly betty...hahaha

22What is the one thing you can't do without in your shower?
*sabun la of course ngeng...

23What is the oddest thing that has happened to you in the shower?

24What is the best thing that has happened to you in the shower?

*bila mak ckp "kawan kau datang bagi cek...cpt cket mandi tu!"

25When was the last time you showered?
*baru je td..

26When are you going to take a shower next?

*esok pagi beb...

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